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Top of the line hardwood products

Butch’s Wood Craft Products

With over 20 years of experience in the Custom Woodwork, we provide top of the line hardwood products for the domestic and commercial markets. All of our products are made with hardwoods from around the world, giving them an exotic look and feel. In need of new cutting or serving boards, rolling pins, custom chess sets with matching boards or any other handmade wooden products? Look no further! 


No mass production, your item is one of a kind

Chess Men & Board

Chess men are individually carved each piece is unique and have have there own personality.

Choose your woods combination:

- Maple and Mahogany

- Hickory and Wenge

- Maple and Cherry

Cutting Board

Cut from unique pieces of  handpicked hard wood, with unique grain patterns.

End Grain Cutting Board
Two Wood Rolling Pin

Each rolling pin is hand crafted of the finest hard woods.  Standard rolling pins are two and a half to three inches in diameter and 12 to 15 inches long.

Cut from unique pieces of  handpicked hard wood, with unique grain patterns.

Serving Board

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